Filter Processing


                    Screen Shot #6 (Merely a picture to illustrate that our GUI is totally self-explanatory) 

It is preferred that USER select output options before initiating a particular processing path. However, screen contents can be outputted afterwards but USER then risks loosing anything that exceeds what screen can contain (i.e., 2 GB). The Screen Only option is the automatic default when a User fails to select any output option by explicitly clicking on it (or using the corresponding keyboard command) before proceeding to processing and the corresponding automatic output default is the Long Output, where Long Output is defined on the last screen below.


For real-time square root filter processing, real-time continuous plots are available for viewing estimated states one component at a time by clicking on the tabs at the top of the screen below. If perpetual real-time square root filter processing were invoked, a STOP button would be provided here too.

For cases other than synchronous LTI, the following options are availed from the Filter Processing Screen:

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